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February 24, 2024 North Florida Outdoor Expo

Bradford Soil and Water Conservation District brought hands-on water education to the event!

-model aquifer to demonstrate pollution sources and effects

-model floodplain to teach about the role of plants and impacts of structures in flooding and erosion

-models of different sediment types to show the effects on water holding capacity and drainage

Both adults and youth were able to gain knowledge on principles of water quality and quantity by participating with the models and talking about their local isses and observations. By making education hands-on and fun, we hope to reach all ages with information to make them better stewards of Florida's water rescources.

Children engaged in educational activities outdoors, exploring aquifer water pollution, soil stability and plants/buildings, and soil particle size versus drainage
Youth explored pollution in the aquifer, plants and structure's impacts on soil erosion, and how soil particle size impacts drainage
Outdoor children's water education event with adults instructing on soil and water conservation.

 Engaging youth and adults through play to introduce soil and water conservation topics